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Re: First print on Al

On Mar 22, 2009, at 11:08 AM, Rajul wrote:

Color Merging: when you do a yellow gum on top of a blue gum pass on paper media , you get some green areas. I did not see any green on my first Al print: the two colors remained unmixed, defined by the underlying brush strokes from the gessoeing and the brush strokes from spreading the gum emulsion.
Hi Rajul,
Just want to be sure I'm picturing this right. You're using color separations, right, and there are areas in the image that should be green, and that would be green if you were printing with the same pigment mixes on paper, but don't mix to green on the aluminum? You just have blue patches and yellow patches?

If so, I'll hazard a guess from my experiences printing on yupo and glass: you need more tooth. What it sounds like is that the first gum layer to adhere to a particular area is the only one that gets to stay, as there's not enough tooth left to hold onto the second layer. So basically rather than layers of color, you have areas of one-layer color. Mixing paint of the exact intermediate color you need is one solution, but getting more tooth is another. I wasn't sure from your description whether you've added any pumice to this point, but if not, I'll bet you'll get better color mixtures when you start using pumice. Good luck!

I've just come across boxes and boxes of ceramic floor tiles that the previous owner of the house left to me; he thought maybe I could use them in the laundry room, but I put down vinyl sheeting there instead. But now I'm wondering how those would be to print gum on, if prepared with a gesso-pumice ground. Certainly more fragile than aluminum or wood, but free. Hmm....