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Re: OT: Photoshop CS4 upgrade overpriced

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Dan Burkholder wrote:

I stated way back in the second edition of "Making Digital Negatives" (10 years go) that software publishers had us on a treadmill of upgrades. Nobody forces you to upgrade, though Adobe's policy of not updating older versions of Camera Raw to work with newer cameras could be interpreted as something of an arm twist. ...
Actually, Dan, they do ultimately force you... because if you don't keep up, your whole system will go out of whack... When I had to make pdfs from Pagemaker, the distiller (or whatever it was) wasn't made for my "old" (that is, less than 4 years old) version. I lost my connection to Panix in Z-term (some fallout from nothing odd, just didn't please "it"), and can't restore it on my other partition until I go to the website and dope it out myself: tech support no longer supports that part of my otherwise functioning computer .... etc. etc. etc.

And so forth and so on every step of the way since my first Mac Plus died a fiery death -- tho after a longer life than computers are permitted today. And, for what it's worth, it's my discovery (and I can prove it in a court of law) that after a certain point, say 10 years ago, the old programs were better than the new ones, more practical, functional, trouble-free, etc., while the new ones added a couple of gimmicks you didn't need and hardly used, but making the regular functions you do use harder to access.

(That is, if your priority is photographs, not digitonics.)

And needless to say, if, Greg doesn't upgrade now, and in a couple of years has a problem with something in CS4, the company won't give a damn, in fact nobody still living on this planet will have a clue how to "support" it.