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Re: Printing white on black

Hi Loris,

It's a long time ago when I experimented with this. I mixed an
acrylic paint in a normal 3% gelatin solution to get a firm black
and brushed it on paper and hardened afterwards. Another aproach is
to paint your paper (black) with acrylic and than add a normal size on

An acrylic undercolor was used for these gumprinted portraits: http://polychrome.nl/brandenburg/cv/kunstliefde/liefde.html
... ten years ago allready - time flies

I also did cyano's on colored paper: http://polychrome.nl/brandenburg/cv/distexit/distexit1.html
and http://polychrome.nl/brandenburg/cv/distexit/distexit3.html (1994)
A cyano on black paper looks very special! For these I used ordinary
colored photocopy papers. I had to test a lot of papers: many lost
their color in the water.


On 25 mrt 2009, at 09:26, Loris Medici wrote:

Keith, so you're saying "helping" the black watercolor paint with
some ink
will make a nice dark black surface to print. Thanks for the

Kees, I assume it would take a lot of gelatin and pigment to make a
background -> wouldn't that affect the adhesion / grip of the
gum layer(s)?


25 Mart 2009, Çarşamba, 10:22 am tarihinde, Kees Brandenburg
... or mix black (or other color) pigment in the gelatin when sizing


On 25 mrt 2009, at 00:24, Keith Gerling wrote:

I found that a dense black gum layer using sumi ink and gouache
makes for an easy black ground that stays put..