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Re: Anyone did gum on Forex before?

Hi Gordon,

In my understanding, chemically, they're the same (polystryrene). But
physically/mechanically, they're pretty different: forex is pretty hard
(and brittle) whereas standard foamcore (as I know it) is soft and

Gatorboard is very different than Forex. Forex surface is special, very
different than the core - despite being the same material.

Foamcore with aluminum face is similar to dibond, but in dibond the core
consist of polyethylene (pretty hard, compared to ->) not polystryrene.

Will try to prime the surface with "Pollmeier -> Thijs Beer / Silicate
Formula" tonight and see if it becomes printable that way. If yes, I'll be
most happy!


28 Mart 2009, Cumartesi, 10:52 pm tarihinde, Gordon J. Holtslander yazmış:
> This sounds like a kink of foamcore board.  Anyone know the difference
> between forex and standard foamcore
> I've research many foamcores for making pinhole cameras - but never
> thought about printing on them
> Gatorboard is available in NorthAmerica
> found  a foamcore with an aluminum face
>  http://www.tri-dee.com/Ultra%20Aluminium%20face%20Panels.htm
> This page lists a archival foam core
> http://tri-dee.com/Mounting%20Board%20Information.htm
> Gord
> Loris Medici wrote:
>>I just had few sample pieces of Forex Smart. The material is pretty
>>interesting, whiteness and surface is just perfect -> looks very much
>> like
>>very smooth hot press paper but with a semi-matte/semi-glossy surface.
>> The
>>surface feels very toothy (micro scale) the touch and it looks like one
>>could print gum on it w/o any special preparation!
>>Will try it tonight and report back to the list. If it works, that means
>> I
>>finally found the holy grail (to me!) of gum on a synthetic / highly
>>permanent / rigid surface... (Another good news is -> it's very low
>>density, light but also rigid and hard panel which floats in water.)
>>Any experience with Forex?