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Re: carbon transfer (mainly: digital negatives)

Hi Loris,
The reason for the formaldehyde comes from the 'gelatine-habit'; when
using 'natural' products there is a possibility of mold grow, or?
Maybe there is no need in case of the rabbit glue, i don't know, but
to be on the safe side .... :-)

On 30 mrt 2009, at 16:07, Loris Medici wrote:

Hi Henk, why do you add formalin? Wouldn't that harden the glop?
maybe it's too little to cause complete hardening but then -> Wouldn't
that cause fog?)

30 Mart 2009, Pazartesi, 4:57 pm tarihinde, henk thijs yazmış:
add 6 drops formaldehyde.

the text in red is from the book 'Digital Art Studio' by Karin