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Re: carbon transfer (mainly: digital negatives)

Hey all...

I saw some exquisite and award-winning carbon prints this weekend here in So California at the ShowUp show...amazing work by Jim Fitzgerlad. He hangs out at the Large Format forum and also on APUG. Look him up there...he has nailed this process so completely and it's his passion...his teacher was Vaughn Hutchins (sp) who also is at both online forums...

He is using gelatin, no formalin or other hardener...


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Hi Loris,
The reason for the formaldehyde comes from the 'gelatine-habit'; when
using 'natural' products there is a possibility of mold grow, or?
Maybe there is no need in case of the rabbit glue, i don't know, but
to be on the safe side .... :-)

On 30 mrt 2009, at 16:07, Loris Medici wrote:

Hi Henk, why do you add formalin? Wouldn't that harden the glop?  (Well,
maybe it's too little to cause complete hardening but then -> Wouldn't
that cause fog?)

30 Mart 2009, Pazartesi, 4:57 pm tarihinde, henk thijs yazmış:
add 6 drops formaldehyde.

the text in red is from the book 'Digital Art Studio' by Karin  Schminke.