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Re: formaldehyde

I just got a bunch from a guy in Colorado....
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On Mon, 30 Mar 2009, Don Bryant wrote:


FWIW, I was able to purchase a 1 liter bottle of Formalin (37%) from my
local pharmacist. As I was visiting there one day getting a prescription
filled I spied the bottle sitting on a back shelf. I asked if they would
sell it to me and they did so without hesitation. The pharmacy attendant
explained that it had been ordered in error and is normally a non stock item
but they could get more if I wished. Less than $15 a few years ago as I
It used to be as easily bought as, say, rubbing alcohol, but then they so-to-speak cracked down on it. But we heard (for instance) about formaldehyde disappearing from supply closets in hospitals -- and, as noted, the rumor developed that it was used to make some kind of controlled substance. I could get it by prescription, which I did (and at the time a smallish bottle was $12), but it was a large pain generally, especially dragging everything outside, and the glyoxal (available by mail order) worked as well & usable right in the studio, so I got out of the habit.

It seems however that Europe is more liberal in this respect than the US -- maybe they have fewer criminals? (Or less uptight gov't, having sent their puritans over here circa 1797).


But as you say a very noxious product best used outside in warm weather.

Don Bryant