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ferric oxalate

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Thanks to all to answer. 1. - I don't have magnetic mixer. 2. - the ferric oxalato that I am mixing is of yellow color. 3. - 2 days mixing and alone there is yellow mud in the bottom. 4. - if he/she ended up mixing completely, I believe that he/she would have color yellow ocher, never clear and transparent. 5. - the formula that figures in the bottle is: *
Fe(CoO)_2 **2H_2 O *
6. - I also have oxalato ferric amónico. The formula that figures in the bottle is:
* (C_2 O_4 )_3 Fe(NH_4 )_3 4H_2 O*
7. - I am preparing this mixture for kalitípia processes. My question: Could it substitute the ferric oxalato for the oxalato ferric amónico for the same purpose?. Thank you and excuse for my English, text translated by computer