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Re: ferric oxalate

Yellow Fe oxalate = ferrous oxalate, insoluble in water both cold and hot.
Ferric oxalate is green
In iron(III) ammonium oxalate there is too much oxalate, so that some silver will form silver oxalate, which is insoluble. I do not suggest this substitution, though someone tried it.
Thanks to all to answer. 1. - I don't have magnetic mixer. 2. - the ferric oxalato that I am mixing is of yellow color. 3. - 2 days mixing and alone there is yellow mud in the bottom. 4. - if he/she ended up mixing completely, I believe that he/she would have color yellow ocher, never clear and transparent. 5. - the formula that figures in the bottle is: *
Fe(CoO)_2 **2H_2 O *
6. - I also have oxalato ferric amónico. The formula that figures in the bottle is:
* (C_2 O_4 )_3 Fe(NH_4 )_3 4H_2 O*
7. - I am preparing this mixture for kalitípia processes. My question: Could it substitute the ferric oxalato for the oxalato ferric amónico for the same purpose?. Thank you and excuse for my English, text translated by computer

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