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Re: "Miracle Muck" ???

MANY thanks to all for the info... I suspect I got it for the reason Clay cites -- with the idea of doing one-coat gums. The other possibility would have been to print on fabric and glue that to some support or other, but I doubt that. For a while I was aiming at "one-coat gum", but lately tend to prefer the varied tonality and "depth" of 2 or more coats (especially when they're in register !).

At the moment however, I'm having "brain muck" -- looking for something (not very important either) I can't find in the studio, inciting a major (long overdue) clean-up & reorganization. I suppose everybody needs one of those every so often except it's getting to be endless... I turn over a folder & there's a heap more -- folders, files, and miscellaneous under it -- waiting to be "organized"... (Then of course once everything is "organized," it'll be 5 years til I find any of it again.)

So I'm going to put that "Miracle Muck" right back where I found it... just in case. Meanwhile, thanks again to all.


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