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Re: What is Diffusion magazine? Anyone seen it?

I'm very glad to hear about such a publication.

On the other hand...... 40 pages per issue / one issue per year looks a
little bit frivolous, no?

No offense intended. But that's my very basic/first reaction -> I can be
incredibly wrong here...


9 Nisan 2009, Perşembe, 12:19 pm tarihinde, Alternative Photography yazmış:
> Hi Spike,
> Yes, it deserves a standing ovation, opening up a new magazine in this
> financial climate, and about a niche market like alt. proc. Very brave,
> and
> wonderful, indeed.
> I have seen a preview from Blue Mitchell, and it looks great. In our next
> newsletter we will be running one of their articles, which is a profile on
> Tina Maas and her work with Liquid Emulsion on wax. It will run after
> Easter, so if you want a "mini-preview" of the magazine, you can take a
> look
> in our next newsletter. I know you already subscribe, but for those of you
> who don't, sign up here:
> http://www.alternativephotography.com/newsletter.html
> All the best,
> Malin
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> Malin Fabbri
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> 2009/4/9 Spike MacGee <spikemacgee@gmail.com>
>> Hello all!
>> I just saw on alternative photography that there is a new publication
>> out.
>> It certainly looks professional. And - very strangely - it seems to be
>> about
>> historic processes too!
>> Here is what I found:
>> http://www.alternativephotography.com/books/diffusion_1.html
>> Has anyone ordered this? Is it good?
>> Ciao!
>> Spike