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Re: green-yellow

Loris, if you graph the UV densities of inks, Yellow is the highest of the pure inks, then Cyan, then Magenta.  This is true with any inkset I have tested.  However, when you mix two colors, the order is USUALLY  Green highest, Red next then Blue the lowest.  

What is interesting is that the values will vary some based on the process you are printing with.  I assume this is because different processes are sensitive to a different portion of the UV spectrum.

On Apr 9, 2009, at 1:03:31 AM, "Loris Medici" <mail@loris.medici.name> wrote:

Hi Christina,

I was looking at your visual about colors and UV opacity (here:
http://christinaanderson.visualserver.com/Text_page.cfm?pID=2448) and got
confused a little bit. Are those prints from the same process with same
working paramaters and prodecures?

How Green (which is Yellow + Cyan) can hold back more UV than Yellow
alone, where Cyan is a poor UV blocker (slightly denser than Magenta as
seen from your tests)? My experience with 3 different printers taught me
Yellow is the strongest UV blocker among color inks... How come?


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