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Re: green-yellow

I am using primarily black inks on my 7800 in conjunction with some yellow. These inks plot very close to one another in terms of UV transmission density, and I can easily get UV densities in the 3.3 logD range without insane ink percentages. The cool thing about this approach is that you can tackle some really high exposure scale processes like Van Dyke and albumen and make profiles that handle them without having to resort to contrast control methods in the processes themselves. This is a real boon for palladium printing as well, because I don't need any contrast agent at all: just ferric oxalate and the metal salt.

On Apr 9, 2009, at 1:31 PM, Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

That's interesting Clay -- and thank you. I observed this "grain" effect too when printing out the RNP Arrays. But it never dawned on me that similar contrasting ink carts would produce smoother highlight tones. A nice bit on info and a compelling reason to use QTR. I think I know, but for the record which did you start pairing together?