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Re: pyro and cyano

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

... we as photographers are asked the question of either galleries or purchasers--is the mat archival, is the print printed to archival standards, is the printer ink used archival, etc. etc. perhaps because of past history of prints fading and spotting and browning out. I don't think there is any question nowadays about photography taking its full place in art, or, at least, by perusing the art magazines it seems that way.

I remember seeing a big grid of the Becher's work in Minneapolis and the prints were developing brown spots.
Now consider that most folks will only see those photographs "taking their full place in art" in the art magazines Chris mentions... And I daresay that in 20 years if not sooner those art magazine photos will be looking quite "antique," especially if the magazine has been left in the bathroom, or glove compartment or on the window sill.

So put those pages in archival mats for relics arguably more "charming" than the originals (tho that may be easy). (And wouldn't clips from an old Papyrus, even by the world's dumbest scribe, be art?)

However, speaking of photography as art, there's a very interesting essay in the current Art in America about a show at the Metropolitan Museum titled "Pictures" (or like that). It's upstairs right now & at 1:45 AM I'm too downstairs to get it, but there are a couple of passages I will quote that seem relevant....

Oh lordy, another Spam arrives, which my server announces as concerning "l'energie pour Votre penis" -- surely one of the great archival forms of our time ... but I'm outa here....