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RE: Michal Macku, Gellages.

They look like carbon prints. You can make prints directly on glass by exposing through the back of the glass or transfer carbon print to the glass support. How big  is his work?

 I made some carbon prints on glass last year and was heading for a similar project of making tricolor carbons on 3 separate glass plates sandwiched togeter. You would see aligned picture only at a certain angle, otherwise you would see colors separating. I never made it past my first color. Hurricane Ike came and all the glass plates that I stored in the fridge went out with all the food when we lost power for several days. Never went back to work on it some more.
> Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 16:28:44 +0800
> From: jacek@jagnight.com
> Subject: Michal Macku, Gellages.
> To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
> Hi all,
> I just came from KL, Malaysia and I witnessed my first ever carbon
> print done by Michal Macku and also another type of alternative
> process i've never heard off, called Gellages! He had an exhibtion at
> the Wei-Ling gallery on Jalan Scott street. I've never heard of the
> artist before, his carbon work was very dark and intresting.
> I spoke to a person who was running the gallery, and they told me he
> had run a workshop a few weeks before, a real shame I would have loved
> to have gone! Though she did say that there was a video recording of
> the workshop, in which they will contact me to send me a copy! :)
> What really shone was his glass works, the whole 3 dimensional works
> were breathtaking! I'm unsure how he's done the glass pieces as it
> could be that he's made his images digitally and then used an
> engraving machine to etch it to the glass. Though his 3D looks like
> he's spaced and added more transparent layers.
> Here are links to his website, you need a fast connection to see it.
> http://www.michal-macku.eu/
> http://www.michal-macku.eu/index.asp?GLASS3D=1
> Has anyone see this artists work?
> Enjoy
> Jacek

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