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Re: Gamblin PVA as size--help

Hi Charles...Sorry that you are having difficulties with the Gamblin. I do occasionally get fish eye but I can brush through it and have the paper cover evenly. At first it is scary but just keep brushing and it will even out and cover completely. Also, I would add maybe 1 min. on to your exposure times. And if that still doesn't help, two parts eye of newt will surely do the trick!

On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 2:25 PM, Charles Ryberg <cryberg@comcast.net> wrote:
      Folks:  I coated some FAB with full strength Gamblin PVA as a size for gum.  Dried for four days.  The gum coating fisheyed like I have never seen before.  The color streaked badly.  The 10 x 10 test matrix printed essentially binary--about half paper white and half dark blue.  As I lifted the print out of the water most of the blue slid off--I think that's called "sloughing."  A second try with a little tween wasn't any better and a third with a lot of tween wasn't either.
  Do you use everclear?  Thick than normal gum?  Eye of newt?
  Thanks for any advice.  Charles    Portland Oregon