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Re: Chromoskedasic Painting

It's all context isn't it?  In some neighborhoods, lavender could appear subdued, depending on hue, value, chroma of it and color schemes as compared with the other houses...especially if all the other houses have Jackson Pollock-esque murals on their garage doors (not in my back yard, mind you)! 

So, if everything is Pollock-esque, nothing stands out as unique...unless you're really into looking at that kind of thing enough to look for the differences.  But the painting of the lavender box, by contrast would appear more simple, thoughtful and contemplative and therefore strikingly unique.  I'm no art historian, but maybe that's how Mark Rothko stood apart from the rest during his time (among many other reasons).


Don Bryant wrote:
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...unless we're talking about the process of painting houses...which 
some would argue can be artful.

That seems to be the case in my neighborhood. Just down the road from my
plantation someone has painted their house lavender!



Jon Lybrook
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