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Palladium, gum, gold leaf, gosh I can't wait!

Been lurking for quite some time now, two years in fact. I've been trapped in Jakarta where gum/cyan/pd chemistry is out of my reach (and I lack a license to have it shipped in...craziness), but there is light at the end of this tunnel! I'm moving to Saudi Arabia at the end of the summer and should be able to reconvene my printing efforts in a dry, sunny-all-the-time environment, but not until I've attended the northern Michigan Photostock 2009 confereence where I'm going to snaz up my negative printing skills and start working on gum over palladium printing...I am stoked! Recent posts regarding vellum prints have also inspired me (thank you Jeremy and Marek...i'd love to hear more about your process if you get a chance).
This summer should also see a bit of shopping. It's time to buy a printer, and I've been somewhat settled on the Epson R2400 for some time. But I'm wondering if it's overkill:
- How much A3+ printing will I actually do? Not much, likely. Is it worth the extra pennies to keep from limiting myself?
- How much of a pain will it be to get Pictorico in large rolls? Probably no more than getting it period (I've NEVER seen it in a shop in the Middle East)
- If I'm only printing negatives, is there a more appropriate buy than the R2400? I've heard it's monotone range is top notch and it's ink consumption is more efficient than it's competition and the R2200.
Hopefully, some of you are at the conference this June, and I can finally meet a name or two!
"somewhere between zero and one...everything else is exaggeration" - Anonymous
PS: New website www.chalkfoo.com [it's in its infancy...no alt work up yet because I no longer have any :( - not so sure I like the wobbly, there's a more static variation on the same theme available]