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Re: Autochromes (new website)

Inspired to say...My goodness those are beautiful!!
Robert Newcomb

On May 29, 2009, at 3:15 AM, Jean Daubas wrote:

Hi all,

For those amongst us who are admirative of the Autochrome process, I
wish to share the opening of a new web site totally devoted to
autochromes :


Thi site has been put on line some days ago and it is realised under
the leadership of the French Ministery of Culture.
It is very extensive and shows some materials which were not
publicly available before; it is not only the story of the Lumière
family (especially Louis) but it also shows how the process evolved
into an industry and how all kinds of users used these plates all
over the world.

i found some pictures fascinating by their beauty of colours,
detals, etc.

There is also a very extensive bibliography and links to specialised

Unfortunately for many of you, the website is in French and has no
English version for texts but at least the important number of
autochrome plates shown are "international" ! If some of you are
interested by a very special text of the site, just ask me for the
English translation.
Alternative cheers from France,