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Re: Hand collotype in process

Hi Tom,

There is no instruction in the link that I referred earlier. My friend went to Kyoto to see the proof prints for me and simply writing about the experience.

There is a little more information as well as images from the studio in Kyoto on our site but I am not sure if it is practical enough for you. But take a look:

There are two more studios which still make Collotype on a commercial basis as far as I know: one in Germany and the other in Italy. I do not remember the names top of my head, but maybe they can be helpful for you. 

I am not sure if they do hand impressions though as the prints usually go through a huge collotype press as you know. Yamamoto-san at Berido, the person in the pictures, has been experimenting with hand impressions for some time.

Another person to contact is James Hajicek who teaches photogravure and collotype at Arizona State University (http://www.alchemy-studio.net/). We invited him for a lecture on collotype last year during our show. He told me that he is about to retire and start teaching a workshop on collotype out of his studio soon.

If you can come to Japan, I am sure Berido people will show you around the studio. I will there again at the end of August this year.

Hope these will help.


On Jun 15, 2009, at 4:04 PM, Tomas Sobota wrote:


I am interested in collotype. Right now I'm rather a beginner in this technique, but I already managed to make a couple of reasonably decent plates. What I'm lacking is traditional printing skills, so I would like to learn more about the hand impressions that you mention.

Sadly for me, the website you refer to is entirely in Japanese ...

Tom Sobota
Madrid, Spain

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 4:04 AM, Tsuyoshi Ito <tito@projectbasho.org> wrote:

I am just going to send this link to those who may be interested in Collotype.


I had an opportunity to work with Benrido, a collotype studio in Kyoto, and they are making some prints for me. As you know, they usually use a press to make collotypes, but here they are making hand impressions. We are hoping to bring them for a demonstration or workshop at our studio next year.

We also hope to show a video clip of the entire process soon. I will let you know once it is up.