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RE: slightly off-topic...or not (re cameras)


It's basically not a factor with cameras of the last few years, in my 
estimation...unless we're talking $100 and below price points...no?

>> Really, the lag thing is not so much an issue...I mean, with  autofocus, 
>> almost any camera needs a slight amount of time to do its  focus thing. 
>> The trick is to do a half-press which focuses the cam  and then click off

>> your shot. The actual click takes no time at all,  there's no lag in the 
>> clicking, it's the autofocus...it's not an  issue at all.

Sorry Paul but it is still a factor with the latest P&S cameras; none are as
fast as a DSLR and that's important for some people. After the camera has
focused and the shutter is pressed there is still a perceptible delay with

Don Bryant