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Re: slightly off-topic...or not (re cameras)

OK, Don...

I though most were pretty quick now...guess I should be glad I have my Leica M2 ;-)


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It's basically not a factor with cameras of the last few years, in my
estimation...unless we're talking $100 and below price points...no?

Really, the lag thing is not so much an issue...I mean, with autofocus,
almost any camera needs a slight amount of time to do its focus thing.
The trick is to do a half-press which focuses the cam and then click off

your shot. The actual click takes no time at all,  there's no lag in the
clicking, it's the autofocus...it's not an  issue at all.

Sorry Paul but it is still a factor with the latest P&S cameras; none are as
fast as a DSLR and that's important for some people. After the camera has
focused and the shutter is pressed there is still a perceptible delay with

Don Bryant