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Re: slightly off-topic...or not (re cameras)

On Tue, 30 Jun 2009, Laura V wrote:

When you upsample, photoshop guesses at what color the added pixels should be by using information from surrounding pixels, but the result will never be as sharp as your original. Better to shoot using the larger size. That said, I think today's mega-megapixel cameras are overkill unless you're printing a billboard. My camera has 8 mp and that's fine for me. My last camera had 3, and even that has worked fine for my gum prints. But I find 1-2 mp a bit small for editing.

The current camera is 5 mp, and the jpegs are 1.5 MB...I imagine I could have made them larger (tho probably only as raw).... I remember a while back whatshisname in the Times said more than 5 mp, unless you're doing billboards, is overkill,,, but I suppose nobody makes cameras that small any more except for doll houses. (It's like when we had to replace refrigerator & oven after 25 years, we had to rip out parts of the kitchen cabinet to fit the new ones in.)