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Re: First tricolor gum

Today I added an Aureolin yellow exposure (which was pale, but present) and a heavier pigment mix of Prussian Blue.
You can clearly see the difference between the results from yesterday and today's added layer(s).
Thanks for all the suggestions...looking forward to trying some more soon...
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Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 11:20 AM
Subject: Re: First tricolor gum

The yellows I have here at home are Aureolin and New Gamboge, both Dan'l Smith pigments...
Maybe I'll try a yellow exposure followed by a final blue one on the print I posted.
Thanks all...
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Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 8:45 AM
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Welcome to the gum community. The print is very nice. You got the sun exposure/development nicely worked out. FOr a tricolor get a nice intense yellow. A number of them have been sugested here. If you so desire you can print another blue layer just for the shadows (shorter exposure).

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 17:55:17 -0700
From: viapiano@pacbell.net
Subject: First tricolor gum
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OK, I tried a tricolor gum today with the intent of getting true color. Using 1:1 gum/dichromate ratios and sun exposures of 3 minutes and 30-60 minute development, I ended up with this:
My guess is that I'm not putting enough pigment in my mixes...especially the blue pigment.
I used Prussian Blue, Warm Sepia, and Anthraquinoid Red...all Daniel Smith watercolors.

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