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Re: First tricolor gum

Excellent, Paul, thanks for showing,

On Jul 2, 2009, at 3:25 PM, Paul Viapiano wrote:

Today I added an Aureolin yellow exposure (which was pale, but
present) and a heavier pigment mix of Prussian Blue.

Here it is: http://wwwflickr.com/photos/viapiano/3682203223/

You can clearly see the difference between the results from
yesterday and today's added layer(s).

Thanks for all the suggestions...looking forward to trying some
more soon...


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From: Paul Viapiano
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 11:20 AM
Subject: Re: First tricolor gum

The yellows I have here at home are Aureolin and New Gamboge, both
Dan'l Smith pigments...

Maybe I'll try a yellow exposure followed by a final blue one on
the print I posted.

Thanks all...


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From: Marek Matusz
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Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 8:45 AM
Subject: RE: First tricolor gum

Welcome to the gum community. The print is very nice. You got the
sun exposure/development nicely worked out. FOr a tricolor get a
nice intense yellow. A number of them have been sugested here. If
you so desire you can print another blue layer just for the shadows
(shorter exposure).

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 17:55:17 -0700
From: viapiano@pacbell.net
Subject: First tricolor gum
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca

OK, I tried a tricolor gum today with the intent of getting true
color. Using 1:1 gum/dichromate ratios and sun exposures of 3
minutes and 30-60 minute development, I ended up with this:


My guess is that I'm not putting enough pigment in my
mixes...especially the blue pigment.

I used Prussian Blue, Warm Sepia, and Anthraquinoid Red...all
Daniel Smith watercolors.

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