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Templates for Digital Negatives (Cyanotype, gum and carbon)


I'm trying to get back into digital negs. A couple years ago someone on the list pointed me to some detailed step by steps. I've long forgotten the details. I just read a Dan Burkholder article online describing the use of a TEMPLATE with all the different adjustment layers. Just switch on the individual curve etc. for your particular process. It appears his template is only for Plat. and Silver Gelatin.

So, just to get me started again, can anyone share their own TEMPLATEs. I have CS on both a Mac and PC. And an Epson 220 and access to a 2400. I'm interested in getting back into New Cyantype and old. Gum and Carbon. I liked the idea of just dragging your image to the template and switching on the Curves for the particular process. Then colorization, then Invert and print. But it would be much appreciated to have at least a starting point TEMPLATE.

So if anyone can help I'd appreciate it. I did a bit of Plad. and Palladium years ago, so I would be interested in that as well. Especially to be able to see the different curves for each process. You can contact me off list.