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Re: haunted VDB

oh no!! why not??
i just bought a huge roll of the stuff. actually if it doesn't work at all, it wouldn't be a big loss. it is the cheapes paper. a 10m (i think) roll was only 20euro. so i thought i'll just try it.
it's a 200gr paper and has a very smooth surface.i guess not many people here like a surface that smooth.
i haven't printed with it yet, but i planned my first try for tomorrow. so maybe i can say more then.


Jacques Augustowski schrieb:
You should not use Canson, it's a terrible paper for alt process. I know this paper is popular in Brazil, but there are other brands, try Monval and your problems will be over.

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Hi Francis,

The prints are inside a plastic bag and kept in a folder.
I also printed o canson 200g, aparently no grauing, but the prints
aren't that "old".
I can shoot some gray prints and put them in a web page for you to
see the efect.
I don't use trays exclusively for a unique process, but I wash
them well after.

On 30/09/2009, at 10:35, francis schanberger wrote:


This is a long shot but when you said stored in a portfolio did
you mean an archival storage box (non-buffered) or a
photographer's portfolio with plastic protected pages?

I noticed a duller brown after a night of dry down when using
older VDB (made over 4 months previous).

Is there another paper you have printed on which hasn't displayed
the graying?

Would you be able to scan or photograph a fresh VDB and one that
has shifted after 20 days and post them to a web page?

Are you re-using the same trays for different processing steps or
do you dedicate one tray for each of the clearing fixing steps?

-francis schanberger, online doctor of VDB prints

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 9:18 AM, <C.Breukel@lumc.nl
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The silver image of VDB is said to be quite vulnerable to
attack (by say
pollution in the air), since the silver filaments of VDB (if
they have
that shape) are quite small, in general the smaller the silver
filaments, the warmer/browner the image, and toning with gold
these silver filaments..but also changes colour (for the
better IMHO...)

Did the white parts of the image change colour (towards
yellow) because
that would indicate that you did not fix strong enough,
change of colour
of the blacks could indicate that you did not wash the fixer
out enough
(I used also a hypo-clear step)

...but I should stop, my experience with VDB is limited and



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Hi Cor,

No treatment other than normal processing and washing.


On 30/09/2009, at 09:46, C.Breukel@lumc.nl
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> Joao,
> Did you gold tone them?
> Cor
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> From: Joao Ribeiro Globo [mailto:ribeiro.joao@globo.com
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> Subject: haunted VDB
> Hi Folks
> After printing really brown prints with traditional formula
on arches
> aquarelle and archiving them in a portfolio, some prints
changed from
> brown to gray.
> They were perfect 20 days before.
> Does anyone know what might be happening?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joao

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-- francis schanberger

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