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Re: haunted VDB

On Fri, 2 Oct 2009, Dan Corsillo wrote:

I'd recommend doing a google search for Material Safety Data Sheets for any element or compound whose of handling you are not certain. Just google: msds (whatever chemical your interested in) and you will get a good number of hits. Some will not have exactly the same info as others for the same chemical. My practice in this case is to err on the side of safety and use the stricter recommendations for handling.
Not to tempt fate, but my experience of those "material safety sheets" is that if you take them seriously you'll just go into a clean room and wash your hands like Lady McBeth until the end of time. I think they're all written by lawyers who expect a mass suit at any minute because somebody got a hangnail... At the very least (& this came up on the list years ago) they refer to full industrial-strength use for 40 hours a week, not the few grams for an hour or two we'd use. That is, they're a crock.

I also have the "Overexposure" book of photo hazards... also written by a team of lawyers no matter who has the byline. That babe makes gelatin and gum arabic sound like the atomic bomb.

Feh !