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Hi Rodolpho,
There are many companies that make and sell selenium in powder in Brazil. I've being making the selenium toners for years and also taking  selenium pills :-)). selenium is used for making red glass. Making gold chloride like Joâo is trying to do is no big deal, as long as you know how to handle all the chemicals, if you are a neophyte stay away. Don't try to be a purist, the hole beauty of alt process is it's inconsistency.
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If I remember well from my Photographic Formulary book, a selenium toner can be done by mixing the selenium with sodium sulfite (in portuguese, sulfito de sódio, I don't know what it translates right; it's the usual one, so often used in many photographic formulas), in warm water. There is a precipitate that I never managed to get rid of, but I kept it and it never did any harm. Of course I could have filtered it, but I (naively) think that if I did I could nullify the effect ;-) . And yes, it's probably toxic (I'll let the ones that really know say something here), but if you do it in a ventilated environment I think it won't do you no harm.
Rodolpho Pajuaba

2009/10/2 <C.Breukel@lumc.nl>
For a fixer free selenium toner see:


Beware that Se is toxic, only do this when you know what you are doing
and have the right equipment

On gold: when economy goes down people start to buy gold, the gold price
has increases considerably


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