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Re: haunted GUM (i surrender)

i have printed on unhardened gelatin for about a year and a half. it was
when i first started printing gum and i didn't know where to buy any
hardening agents then and i also liked to have one poison-free step
where i could be a little more careless. and i got usable images too.
all my development baths are below 20°, as cold as it comes out of the
tap. i rarely raise the temperatur and only if i have a reason to. but
at the time i used to apply a coat of gelatin before each layer of gum
to avoid staining.
a feeling tells me it's neither paper nor size.i occasionally got
non-clearing layers before, but never that consistent. always a one time
thing and a new emulsion and a new sheet of paper eliminated it. i
always blamed it on bad pigment handling, brushing the emulsion too deep
into the fibers and/or a bad phase of the moon.
on the other hand all my other hunches were completely wrong (the
dichromate, the gum...). so i will have to look into it.

i my experience the gum process tolerates a lot of abuse, but if there's
a certain (unknown) tiny thing wrong, which it doesn't like, it ceases
cooperation completely.
for now gum and me are not on speaking terms!


geoff chaplin schrieb:
> I experimented with using non-hardened gelatin and found no difference
> in the final print -- I made a total of about 20 prints on unhardened
> sized paper. I developed in cold water (20deg or under). The only
> problem was the unhardened sized paper was slightly slippery to handle
> and presumably is susceptible to fungal attack if it gets wet. Other
> than that I could find no difference.
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