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Re: Rives BFK for pt/pd and gum question

Oops, meant to comment on this, too: I also prefer the watermarked side.

After getting wet the paper texture will become more pronounced and the back side really isn't any smoother, but does have the busier pattern of a wire side and is less attractive to me for that reason.


On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 9:52 PM, Don Bryant <donsbryant@gmail.com> wrote:


I havenít printed so much palladium on BFK but it is one of my favorite papers for gum, FWIW I prefer the water marked side.

Don Bryant

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Subject: Rives BFK for pt/pd and gum question

Hi all...

I was given a package of this paper (don't think it's the heavyweight version) and was wondering if anyone prefers the "back" side which is smoother than the watermarked side...?

I thought I might try it in both processes, just for fun...