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Re: Miracle size for gum

I emailed Hercules and they sent me a bottle gratis. I know it has to be heated/ironed. I am not the one to give directions on this but Peter Blackburn is the one who originally told me about its use, and he is active on the alternativephotography.com website as are a couple of his articles there as well. He is an active gummist.

It is from Hercules, and on the label says Hercon 100. That is as far as I can help...but if I remember it was available at art stores as well?

Christina Z. Anderson
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European printers, see this:

2009/10/12 Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>:
Christina, aquapel sounds extremely plausible to my ears, since it's
already used as an internal sizing agent in many papers which are
friendly to iron processes. (Most notably pure pt which is
incompatible with gelatin sizings AFAIK... Also new cyanotype and
argyrotype which are pretty picky about paper.) OTOH, aquapel comes in
different strengths and properties depending on the application (it's
also used as a concrete additive for instance), so one has to grab the
right one and use it in the right dilution in order to achieve with
the purpose. Meanwhile, aquapel could be a trademarked name for a
generic monomer/polymer, therefore I'm not sure how to ask about it to
chemistry suppliers.


2009/10/10 Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net>:
My results with acrylic sizing in the past have been iffy at best, but perhaps
this is the ticket. I know Peter Blackburn swears by Aquapel, which I also
have to try here. So many sizes, so little time....