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RE: Gum tonal range (was Miracle size for gum)


Well, not everyone use T-Max films (I'm not much fond of them -> to be
frank, almost to the point of detesting). But point taken anyway.

What's not to like about TMAX-400, especially the new version? It's an
outstanding film. Having tried it in sizes from 35mm to 4x5mm  I've found
that  it's one of the best 400 speed films to go through my cameras.

Mind you, I also like Tri-X 400 and Tri-X 320, and HP5 , but TMY delivers
true box speed and has good reciprocity (with a number of  non-staining and
staining developers) as well which is something difficult to obtain with
other 400 speed B&W films.

And it is very easy to push another stop or stop and a half without losing
shadow detail and pumping up the grain. TMY-2 is a marvel IMO.

Don Bryant