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Re: Gum tonal range (was Miracle size for gum)

Hi Don, I haven't tried it yet. Some of my friends praise it a lot.
Anyway, I will definitely try it when I finally get my hands on my new
Voigtlander Bessa III... (Haven't ordered yet but it's soon, very
soon!) My last experience with T-Max films is more than a couple of
years ago; I hated that frog-egg shaped particles; I want no grain or
grain that looks like grain in my photos... (Hope it's clear.) Am I
too conservative?

Thanks for the suggestion BTW.

2009/10/13 Don Bryant <donsbryant@gmail.com>:
> Loris,
> Well, not everyone use T-Max films (I'm not much fond of them -> to be
> frank, almost to the point of detesting). But point taken anyway.
> What's not to like about TMAX-400, especially the new version? It's an
> outstanding film. Having tried it in sizes from 35mm to 4x5mm  I've found
> that  it's one of the best 400 speed films to go through my cameras.
> Mind you, I also like Tri-X 400 and Tri-X 320, and HP5 , but TMY delivers
> true box speed and has good reciprocity (with a number of  non-staining and
> staining developers) as well which is something difficult to obtain with
> other 400 speed B&W films.
> And it is very easy to push another stop or stop and a half without losing
> shadow detail and pumping up the grain. TMY-2 is a marvel IMO.
> Don Bryant