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Re: PVA size concentration for gum printing

Judy...others beat me to it...Fusion 4000 dry mount tisuue used in a Seal press. Holds it on there through all the development cycles, to take it off you heat to slightly higher temps in the press and gently tease it off. He dry mounts the finished print to another sheet of Fab...

John, the article does not say that he sizes the paper. It does say that he experimented with preshrink and resizing, but then started using the aluminum sheets, a method devised by Dick Sullivan.

I'm pretty sure he does not size...and I'm pretty sure Fab will hold pigment integrity through 3 water cycles, that is if pigment ratios aren't super high or using blacks or using forced development. But hey, what do I know? Just some thoughts based on limited experience...


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Also, don't forget that Keith Taylor prints those beautiful Decosse gums in 3 layers and NO size. There is also NO preshrink in his workflow due to the affixing of the paper onto an aluminum substrate and therefore keeping registration integrity. So, 3 baths total and no problems with stain.

Paul, Do you know how he "affixed' it to the aluminum substrate? I tried a couple of methods from old books: One was pure nightmare, and left the print in shreds. As I recall it used shellac as the binder, but it didn't "snap" off the aluminum as promised... it only left in scraps.

The second was more successful.... as I recall a coat of wax which just had to be warmed a tad.... but that's from memory. I'll check. (I think it's in either P-F #8 or #9 but I'm supposed to be rushing out now, so don't stop to check -- lest I end up in the studio instead.)