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Re: PVA size concentration for gum printing

On Mon, 12 Oct 2009, Paul Viapiano wrote:


Also, don't forget that Keith Taylor prints those beautiful Decosse gums in 3 layers and NO size. There is also NO preshrink in his workflow due to the affixing of the paper onto an aluminum substrate and therefore keeping registration integrity. So, 3 baths total and no problems with stain.

Paul, Do you know how he "affixed' it to the aluminum substrate? I tried a couple of methods from old books: One was pure nightmare, and left the print in shreds. As I recall it used shellac as the binder, but it didn't "snap" off the aluminum as promised... it only left in scraps.

The second was more successful.... as I recall a coat of wax which just had to be warmed a tad.... but that's from memory. I'll check. (I think it's in either P-F #8 or #9 but I'm supposed to be rushing out now, so don't stop to check -- lest I end up in the studio instead.)