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Re: Other PVAc primers/sealers. LIQUITEX CLEAR GESSO

loris, paul,

i'm not sure whether the clear gesso is based on acrylic or something else, hence the question if someone has tried it before.
liquitex won't say what's in it. so probably it's not acryl. but who knows.


Loris Medici schrieb:
To my knowing (and limited experience), anything acrylic won't work
unless you add something porous into it such as calcium carbonate,
marble dust, pumice dust, silica fume ect. ect.... Clear gesso is
usual gesso minus calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide and other
fillers (except for transparent/translucent silica fume maybe,
completely speculating here). Anyway, since acrylic gesso with all
those fillers doesn't work, I'd bet that clear acrylic gesso would not


2009/10/13 phritz phantom <phritz-phantom@web.de>:

did anyone ever try the liquitex clear gesso (not the normal white one)?
i can't find any info on its ingredients, not even in the datasheet. the
normal gesso is labelled as "acrylic" in the datasheet, so i'd guess that
the clear gesso is based on a different substance.