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issues with digests

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  • From: "Gordon J. Holtslander" <gjh@shaw.ca>
  • Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 23:39:58 -0600
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Many people have asked for the list as a digest over the years. This is a feature of the new list.

A digest is all the messages posted in one day sent as a single message. This is very nice for some - but it does pose extra work for those who choose to receive the list as a digest.

The issue is replying to digest messages. By default most email programs will duplicate an entire message when making a reply. It will be necessary for people to edit and trim down digest messages if they reply to them. I will be necessary to trim the digest down to the message/topic of concern. Otherwise the list will be swamped with large digest messages being replied about.

I find digests make if more difficult to find a particular message.

Please be aware of these issues when you decide how you with to receive messages from the new list. It is of course possible to change these setting after one is subscribed to the new list.


Gordon J. Holtslander