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RE: issues with digests


1. Please trim those replies to digest messages!
2. Digest creates trouble in organizing messages in threads too; because you
loose the title and reply-to message id. (Hope the list prefix in subject
isn't too long BTW; my personal preference would be no list prefix in
3. In my 14 year net experience I haven't encountered a single mail list
(with digest feature) where more than 50% of digest users were able to obey
rule 1!
4. Did I say please trim those replies to digest messages?

BTW, thanks much Kees!


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Subject: issues with digests

The issue is replying to digest messages.  By default most email programs
will duplicate an entire message when making a reply.  It will be necessary
for people to edit and trim down digest messages if they reply to them.   I
will be necessary to trim the digest down to the message/topic of concern.
Otherwise the list will be swamped with large digest messages being replied