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RE: issues with digests /2 questions

The list having functioned wonderfully these many years, why should anyone want a "digest" ? (unless they pay per incoming message, I suppose).

My other question is -- I've now got 3 messages in my inbox that say someone has sent me an "e-card".... Do I have to go to the web to get them or will they eventually go away?

(And why is that "better" than just a "hi judy" e-mail -- unless they're selling something or phishing -- which I assume.)

PS. Another message just arrived saying I'm the next of kin -- I suppose that's an estate of several million dollars, but I know it's a scam because all my million/billionaire relatives are still alive, in fact I fed them turkey last week.

Is that just for fun, or do folks really go along -- when surely someone they never heard of is announced as "next of kin" ????