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Re: time to move to the new list

Hi Damiano,

You are subscribed to the new list, but have chosen for the digest option. It takes some time before a digest is sent.
Digests are sent not on a daily basis but after a certain volume (in kilobytes) of message content is received by the list. If you want to receive individual messages you have to uncheck the digest option. If you want me to do that please e-mail me off list. It is not possible to receive both on one e-mail address.


On 10 dec 2009, at 08:41, Damiano Bianca wrote:

> me too I have subscribed twice and have not received email confirmation or other mail
> damiano
> 2009/12/9 Marek Matusz <marekmatusz@hotmail.com>
> I have subscribed twice and gotten an email with confirmation, but I am not getting any emails from the new list. I also checked and it is not ending in in my junk email folder.
> Marek Matusz