[alt-photo] Re: epson c88 & ultrafine inkjet transparency

Diana Bloomfield dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 7 23:49:16 GMT 2009

Hi Gordon,

I've been making digital negatives for years now, and only using the  
GIMP.  I've been very pleased with that choice.  I hope you'll be  
happy with it, too.

Although I also have kept my old C88, I never made negatives on it--  
only on the 2200 and the 3800.  But on both of those machines-- (I now  
only use the 3800)-- no matter what I do, or which make of  
transparency I use-- I have to stand there and manually feed the  
transparency through, or else I always have trouble-- not so much with  
the transparency jamming, really, as just not being picked up easily  
by the feeder.  The Pictorico does better, because it's thicker.  My  
guess is that you might consistently have trouble with the C88  
jamming, simply because it was mostly designed for paper, and nothing  
more-- so it might not be able to detect the edge of the transparency  
(too thin?) when it makes that turn to go between the rollers.

That doesn't help you, except to say you probably need to "keep things  
simple" with another printer-- one designed for use with  
transparencies and art paper.  You could probably find one second-hand  
at a relatively low price.


> My first attempts at digital negatives aren't going well.
> Keeping things simple to start - I am using my old epson stylus c88  
> printer to make digital negatives with ultrafine inkjet transparency  
> media.
> The media jams in my printer - it appears to get stuck.  I think the  
> leading edge of the film is jamming against something inside the  
> printer.
> Anyone have any experience?
> -- 
> Gordon J. Holtslander
> gjh at shaw.ca
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