[alt-photo] Re: epson c88 & ultrafine inkjet transparency

Rene Hales Rene at qx.net
Tue Dec 8 03:37:50 GMT 2009

I don't have your specific printer, but sometimes with transparency film and
feeding problems, you can tape the leading edge of the transparency to a
carrier sheet (plain piece of paper) with double-sided removeable tape and
get the printer to recognice the transparency as a piece of paper. Not sure
this will work in your case, but it might be worth a try.

Rene Hales

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My first attempts at digital negatives aren't going well.

Keeping things simple to start - I am using my old epson stylus c88 
printer to make digital negatives with ultrafine inkjet transparency media.

The media jams in my printer - it appears to get stuck.  I think the 
leading edge of the film is jamming against something inside the printer. 

Anyone have any experience?

Gordon J. Holtslander
gjh at shaw.ca

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