[alt-photo] Re: Tri color photos Russia

phritz phantom phritz-phantom at web.de
Mon Aug 30 21:28:12 GMT 2010

  Am 29.08.2010 21:42, schrieb Richard Knoppow:
>    I believe the original pictures were intended for projection.
i think there is proof for that in the pictures. in pic 27 the child on 
the far left moved its head during exposure. one can clearly see the red 
and green exposures and the blue one too a little. and only where all 
three colors overlap, the head (with some kind of baby hat on) has the 
correct white color.
at first this totally baffled me, because i thought in prints it's 
always the additive method of color mixing that is used. but if those 
pics were intended for projection, it makes sense that the subtractive 
method is used. or doesn't it?

please, experts, correct me, if i drew the wrong conclusions here.


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