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Tomas Sobota tom at sobota.net
Mon Aug 30 21:40:04 GMT 2010

Actually the process is explained in detail here:


On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 11:28 PM, phritz phantom <phritz-phantom at web.de>wrote:

>  Am 29.08.2010 21:42, schrieb Richard Knoppow:
>    I believe the original pictures were intended for projection.
>>  i think there is proof for that in the pictures. in pic 27 the child on
> the far left moved its head during exposure. one can clearly see the red and
> green exposures and the blue one too a little. and only where all three
> colors overlap, the head (with some kind of baby hat on) has the correct
> white color.
> at first this totally baffled me, because i thought in prints it's always
> the additive method of color mixing that is used. but if those pics were
> intended for projection, it makes sense that the subtractive method is used.
> or doesn't it?
> please, experts, correct me, if i drew the wrong conclusions here.
> phritz
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