[alt-photo] Re: Flatter than pure palladium?

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WOW! What a great idea Judy. Did you also invent the wheel back then too?
Lights,  glass, who's FO, perhaps, Potassium Oxalate instead, even hotter,
lots of methods could work. 

What's on hand? what else are you already doing to make it flatter. Solution
strengths in use. 

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On Mon, 4 Oct 2010, etienne garbaux wrote:

> Jon wrote:
>> I'm keen to know if there is any way of further reducing  contrast or any

>> other ideas that might see me realising a print of  this negative.

In the REALLY old days, like practically before the invention of 
electricity, we used to simply flash an exposed print to reduce 
contrast... Primitive as it is, the method has the virtue of easy testing: 
You can move your opaque shield across the surface in steps , as many as 
you can fit in, pick one that looks promising and try on a larger area.

(Or maybe you already ried that? )

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