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david drake photo ddrakephoto at casadrake.ca
Fri Jan 21 23:41:26 GMT 2011

Thanks Richard.
I should have added that I use Gmail which forwards to my Mail program  
I did email myself and that went through fine.
I did check the Spam filter on Google Mail and there isn't any spam.
I'm guessing it's probably something to do with Gmail.


On 21-Jan-11, at 5:56 PM, Richard Knoppow wrote:

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>> I can't figure out why if I send the list an email, I don't  
>> receive  the email. However, if I look in the alt photo archives,  
>> the email is  there. So everyone else is receiving my email.
>> Is this something to do with how I'm set up with the list?
>> Please help.
>> david
>   A couple of possibilities: One, do you have a spam blocker? I use  
> the one at Earthlink which is my ISP despite the netcom address. The  
> spam blocker shunts all my messages to lists to the "suspect mail"  
> folder on the web mail site and I must move them manually. Adding my  
> own address to the white list doesn't fix this and I can't get any  
> aswers from anyone at tech support, however, it seems to affect  
> everyone using the blocker.
>   Another possiblility is that your mail client is hiding the  
> messages due to some setting. I am not familiar with Apple Mail so I  
> can't suggest anything but its worth looking for.
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