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Well, regardless of all comments/suggestions, your photographs are beautiful 

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> Thanks to everybody for the replies.  If anybody will be in Long  Beach, 
> CA June 25th and have the evening free come see the prints at  Gallery 
> 1233.  Also, I will take some snaps and share them with the  group.
> Brett Weston has been a favorite and I guess obvious influence on my 
> work, add to that so many others that I'll not list them here.  The 
> challenge is to be inspired to my own unique vision by his passion for 
> photography.  I hope not a knockoff.
> My Ansel Adams west coast influence and obsession with creating the 
> perfect print left me wanting  and I realized pristine prints void of 
> meaning, spirit, or emotion were equal to well made prints of step 
> tablets.
> The wildness of nature is my element, I feel lost in cities, I live in  a 
> forest so this is what I photograph.  When I met Ruth Bernhard she  talked 
> with me about photographing where you are now.  I took this to  mean not 
> only location physically but spiritually.  And Wynn Bullocks  writings on 
> transcending subject matter to what else is there and  Minor White's ideas 
> of waiting for your subject to reveal it's self to  the camera... etc. 
> The idea being the more technically,  philosophically, and visually facile 
> you are with your art the more  eloquent you can be.  Not that I've 
> arrived, but I think it's a part  of the over all process of the creation 
> of art and dare I say living  life.
> After seeing a platinum printing demo I was hit with the revelation  that 
> here was a process that had a feeling close to how I felt about  the 
> photographs I was seeing.  I love this process!  I hope I can  return to 
> it a little of what it has given me.    FWIW
> Thanks again,
> David
> On Jun 12, 2011, at 1:18 PM, Trevor Cunningham wrote:
>> I say the images on the site are lovely. There's a Brett Weston 
>> sentiment that seems to come through. As for original/digital
>> On 6/12/11 10:43 PM, Don Bryant wrote:
>>> These nuances
>>> can't be properly conveyed over the web, as you pointed out, so why
>>> bother going to the extra time and trouble to rephotograph prints to
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