[alt-photo] Re: Epson 4900 Printer for digital Negs

Rene M Hales rene at qx.net
Mon Mar 21 22:20:10 GMT 2011

Kerik, thanks for the link. The line about the 4900 clogging might have just
convinced me. I hate dealing with clogs. So are you using the 3880?

I could work around the 8 X 10 issue and the acceptance of 6 X 38. I had to
tape a piece of 8 X 10 paper to the leading edge of my Epson 4000 to fool it
into taking that paper. And, I don't require roll paper.


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 So far the 4900 isn't shown as supported on the QTR site:


 But presumably it's just a matter of time. That said, why choose that 
 over the 3880 unless you need the roll capability.

 Some info here to consider:


 Good luck!


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