[alt-photo] Re: Gold w/ pd/pd

David Ashcraft davidashcraft at sti.net
Mon Mar 28 01:29:02 GMT 2011

YeeeeeeHaaaaaaa!  I love electricity!  just came on an hour and a half  

Yep, I show brush marks.  I am using the same ratio you listed.

  Joe's post listed pd/au 1:1, Joe, what % of au did you use?


On Mar 27, 2011, at 9:47 AM, EJ Photo wrote:

> David, The more PT you use, the faster the gold will react. So a lower
> percentage is usually recommended. an 8x10 with 2 dr of 5% in a 1:1  
> will
> show up quickly. Do you coat and print with clean edges or showing  
> brush
> marks? I suspect with brush marks.

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